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Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia.

Where to Stay Near Borobudur: Our Three Top Hotel Picks

Stay at one of these three Magelang, Indonesia hotels, and get Borobudur and other attractions right on your doorstep

Gereja Ayam, Magelang, Indonesia.

Three Magelang Attractions to See After Borobudur, Indonesia

After visiting Borobudur, why not spend a few more days exploring one of the many other adventures in the Magelang district?

Toraja Women in the rice field

Flexible Tour Lets You Travel Sulawesi Island *Your* Way

Khiri Travel’s customizable new tour lets you travel Sulawesi from one to three weeks, opening up Indonesia’s most promising off-the-beaten-path island

Elizabeth Pisani, Indonesia Etc.

I began to feel that [Indonesia] was one giant Bad Boyfriend…. Just when you think you are really getting to know it, it reveals some hidden secret, or reinvents itself completely. With Bad Boyfriends you know full well it will all end in tears, and yet you keep coming back for more.

Ceremonies & Cow Poop at Sasak Sade Village, Lombok, Indonesia

Of the Sasak Sade Village in Lombok, Indonesia, I’ve written plenty elsewhere; but I captured some video to go with the experience