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Elizabeth Pisani, Indonesia Etc.

I began to feel that [Indonesia] was one giant Bad Boyfriend…. Just when you think you are really getting to know it, it reveals some hidden secret, or reinvents itself completely. With Bad Boyfriends you know full well it will all end in tears, and yet you keep coming back for more.

“Return of the Speakeasy”

The 7-Eleven convenience store at RCBC Bank’s headquarters in Bonifacio Global City harbors a secret in its storeroom. Walk past the stacks of instant noodles through a swinging wall to access the absurdly spacious hidden bar immediately adjacent. The effect is not unlike stepping into a police call box to find Doctor Who’s TARDIS.

Alfred Russel Wallace

“To eat Durians is a new sensation worth a voyage to the East to experience.” – Alfred Russel Wallace