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GROUND Asia tourists

GROUND Asia’s New Responsible Traveler Training Turns Tourism into a Force for Good

How’s this for turning problems into solutions? Student travel company GROUND Asia kicked off a new responsible traveller training program to help direct tourism towards beneficial ends.

mark bryan ocampo at pampanga

“Good Reason to be Arrogant”: a Q&A with Pampanga Food Tour Expert Mark Bryan Ocampo

Pampanga food tour expert Mark Bryan Ocampo explains why this Philippines province underpins more of Filipino history than we think

Tourists crossing a bridge in the Lao countryside.

Bridges Across Mekong Tourism: Two Travel Startups Solving the Accessibility Problem

Different but same-same: meet 2 radically different travel startups working to bridge the accessibility gap in Mekong tourism

Bamboo straw by BambooLao

Upstream, Downstream: Two Travel Startups Taking On Mekong Tourism

These two startups take two very different approaches to Mekong tourism – one fighting plastic waste in Laos, and another opening up Vietnam to digital nomads

Myanmar bus station in Yangon

Myanmar Bus Travel: Fun, Cheap and Surprisingly Safe

Low-cost, surprisingly fast and rather fun (if you know what to expect), Myanmar bus travel is an essential travel experience through this former hermit kingdom

Tuk-tuk driver relaxing between rides.

How to Ride a Tuk-Tuk in Cambodia with Minimal Aggravation

I’ve learned how you can minimize the aggravation of dealing with tuk-tuk drivers in Siem Reap, Cambodia – and I’m passing my tips on to you!

motorcycle crash and stortzes

Why Travel Insurance Didn’t Help These Bike Crash Victims in Thailand

Travel insurance is a must-have for any trip to Southeast Asia – but even so, no travel insurance policy can cover everything. While most respectable policies will cover trip losses due to injuries or flight delays, coverage can only go so far. Take the case of Matt and Ashley Stortz, a Canadian couple injured in […]