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GROUND Asia tourists

GROUND Asia’s New Responsible Traveler Training Turns Tourism into a Force for Good

How’s this for turning problems into solutions? Student travel company GROUND Asia kicked off a new responsible traveller training program to help direct tourism towards beneficial ends.

Tourists crossing a bridge in the Lao countryside.

Bridges Across Mekong Tourism: Two Travel Startups Solving the Accessibility Problem

Different but same-same: meet 2 radically different travel startups working to bridge the accessibility gap in Mekong tourism

Bamboo straw by BambooLao

Upstream, Downstream: Two Travel Startups Taking On Mekong Tourism

These two startups take two very different approaches to Mekong tourism – one fighting plastic waste in Laos, and another opening up Vietnam to digital nomads

Tan Ky Old House Hoi An Vietnam

Walking & Window-Shopping in Hoi An, Vietnam

The Hoi An Ancient Town in Vietnam attracts backpackers, couples, and history buffs with its shophouses, quirky restaurants and throwback charm